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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA082A FCPP DBBB Clive Miller A320-232 ZS-SZB 2.8 Hrs
SAA087X FOOL FAOR Dylan Barnes A320-232 ZS-SZB 4.8 Hrs
SAA055A FNLU FAOR Nathan Deetlefs A340-642 ZS-SNA 3.4 Hrs
SAA23WT YPDN WSSS Don Dormehl A320-232 ZS-SZZ 4.4 Hrs
SAA323C FAOR FACT Letlotlo Motsei A340-313 ZS-SXG 2.2 Hrs
SAA7362 KJFK KLAS George Carney A320 N504JB 0 Hrs
SAX1011 FAOR FABL Shane Mcmahon DHC-8Q-400 ZS-NMS 1.1 Hrs
SAA7141 ZSPD ZBAA Nathan Deetlefs A340-300 B-2387 0 Hrs
SAA7353 KBOS KJFK George Carney ERJ-195 N178JB 0 Hrs
SAA323B FAOR FACT Letlotlo Motsei A340-313 ZS-SXD 2.2 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA22WT YPAD YPDN Don Dormehl A320-232 ZS-SZZ 3.23 Hrs
CAW131 FAOR FACT Steve Munckton B737-8K5 ZS-ZWT 1.57 Hrs
SAA21WT YMHB YPAD Don Dormehl A320-232 ZS-SZZ 1.36 Hrs
SAA20WT NZAA YMHB Don Dormehl A320-232 ZS-SZZ 3.34 Hrs
SAA15WT SELT SBBR Nico De Lange A320-232 ZS-SZZ 5.16 Hrs
SAA19WT NTAA NZAA Don Dormehl A320-232 ZS-SZZ 4.57 Hrs
SAA185 HKJK FAOR Shawn Bongers A320-232 ZS-SZA 3.38 Hrs
SAA563A FAOR FALE Jaco Klopper B737-85F ZS-SJE .55 Hrs
SAX1226 FAHS FAOR Shane Mcmahon DHC-8Q-400 ZS-YBP 1.05.49 Hrs
LNK8110 FAOR FVBU Ethan Sheehy RJ85 ZS-ASW 1.04 Hrs


All the schedules have been updated. The update includes the addition of several new codeshare airlines, including JetBlue, United, Lufthansa and many more. Some new destinations in South Africa have also been added, such as Skukuza.

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Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 114
Total Flights: 12195
Flights SAA: 7893
Flights SA Express: 1038
Flights Airlink: 1008
Flights Mango: 99
Flights Kulula: 156
Flights SAA Cargo: 154
Flights Historic: 181
Flights 1Time: 126
Total Flights Today: 4
Total Hours: 42621.37
Total PAX Carried: 3626924
Total Miles Flown: 16448086
Total Aircraft: 367
Schedules SAA: 993
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 220
Schedules Mango: 96
Schedules Kulula: 121
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 165
Total News Items: 9

Airline Notams

Landing Rates
Aircraft Substitutions
Delivery Flights
Indian Ocean Tour End
Codeshare Routes
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SAX1220 Pierre Hugo South Africa
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