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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA16FT URSS LXGB Gabriel Michael A330-243 ZS-SXZ 6 Hrs
SAA7311 CYEG EGLL Dieter Magnet B767-375ER C-FCAE 8.67 Hrs
SAA7312 EGLL CYEG Dieter Magnet B767-375ER C-FCAG 9 Hrs
SAA7414 KIAD KORD Lee Park A320-232 N403UA 1.1 Hrs
SAA66 FAOR FLKK Stephen Sikazwe II B737-85F ZS-SJC 2.1 Hrs
SAA425A FAOR FAPE Letlotlo Motsei A320-232 ZS-SZG 0 Hrs
SAA420A FAPE FAOR Dylan Barnes A319-131 ZS-SFG 1.7 Hrs
SAA419 FAOR FAPE Dylan Barnes A320-232 ZS-SZF 1.7 Hrs
SAA314C FACT FAOR Dylan Barnes A320-232 ZS-SZJ 2 Hrs
SAA15AFT LIML URSS Orifha Mbedzi A320-232 ZS-SZC 3.25 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA4WC EGNT EGSS Deon Schlebusch A319-131 ZS-SFN .52 Hrs
SAA3WC EGBB EGNT Deon Schlebusch A319-131 ZS-SFN .33 Hrs
SAA15FT RJBB URSS Gabriel Michael A330-243 ZS-SXZ 10.16.32 Hrs
MNO331B FALE FACT Alfred Knoetze B737-8S3 ZS-SJP 1.57 Hrs
MNO622A FACT FAPE Emanuel Mdluli B737-8S3 ZS-SJP 1.07 Hrs
SAA5WC EGSS EGFF Ian Carine A319-131 ZS-SFN .33 Hrs
MNO816 FAGG FAOR Dehan Cilliers B737-8S3 ZS-SJO 1.26 Hrs
SAA14FT WSSS RJBB Gabriel Michael A330-243 ZS-SXZ 5.58.21 Hrs
SAA2WC EGKA EGBB Deon Schlebusch A319-131 ZS-SFN .38 Hrs
SAA7309 CYOW EGLL Dieter Magnet B787-9 ZK-NZE 5.50 Hrs


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Huge thanks to Shane Mcmahon for his contribution.

Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 79
Total Flights: 11623
Flights SAA: 7849
Flights SA Express: 955
Flights Airlink: 862
Flights Mango: 183
Flights Kulula: 291
Flights SAA Cargo: 143
Flights Historic: 200
Flights 1Time: 107
Total Flights Today: 5
Total Hours: 42076.26
Total PAX Carried: 3228957
Total Miles Flown: 16542825
Total Aircraft: 370
Schedules SAA: 1600
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 224
Schedules Mango: 243
Schedules Kulula: 120
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 139
Total News Items: 11

Airline Notams

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Aircraft Substitutions
Delivery Flights
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