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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA281A YPPH FAOR Ian Carine A340-313E ZS-SXE 10.8 Hrs
SAA2291 VIDP OMAA Dieter Magnet B777-237LR A6-LRA 3.8 Hrs
SAA2646 OMAA VIDP Dieter Magnet A320-232 A6-EIA 3.8 Hrs
SAA86A FOOL FKKD Letlotlo Motsei A320-232 ZS-SZH 1 Hrs
SAA354D FACT FAOR Lesley Brooks B737-8S3 ZS-SJB 2 Hrs
SAA327F FAOR FACT Shane Mcmahon A330-243 ZS-SXX 2.2 Hrs
LNK8635 FACT FAGG Willem Pienaar RJ85 ZS-TCP 0.9 Hrs
SAA15AFT LIML URSS Susan Bock A320-232 ZS-SZC 3.25 Hrs
SAA7153 FAOR OMDB Ian Harrison B777-31HER A6-ECJ 8 Hrs
SAA048E FAOR FLHN Emanuel Mdluli A320-232 ZS-SZA 1.8 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
CAW802 FAEL FAOR Dehan Cilliers B737-86N ZS-ZWS 1.09 Hrs
SAA480D FAEL FAOR Ben Shmukler B737-85F ZS-SJN 1.06 Hrs
SAA7251 YPAD YPPH Ian Carine 190LR VH-ZPA 2.49 Hrs
CAW926 FAGG FAOR Deon Schlebusch B737-86N ZS-ZWS 1.35 Hrs
SAA2237 OJAI OMAA Dieter Magnet A320-232 A6-EIA 2.44 Hrs
SAA530B FALE FAOR Michael Fazakas A319-132 ZS-SFJ .49 Hrs
SAA8AFT LFMN LOWG Gabriel Michael A320-232 ZS-SZC 1.13.38 Hrs
CAW501 FALA FALE Michael Fazakas B737-86N ZS-ZWP 1.00 Hrs
SAA357 FAOR FACT Lesley Brooks B737-8S3 ZS-SJB 1.59 Hrs
CAW806 FAEL FAOR Lesley Brooks B737-86N ZS-ZWS 1.23 Hrs


It is back!

Head over to the downloads page to get the new SAA Virtual SmartCARS software.

Huge thanks to Shane Mcmahon for his contribution.

Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 83
Total Flights: 11988
Flights SAA: 8112
Flights SA Express: 969
Flights Airlink: 869
Flights Mango: 221
Flights Kulula: 312
Flights SAA Cargo: 143
Flights Historic: 222
Flights 1Time: 107
Total Flights Today: 1
Total Hours: 43517.01
Total PAX Carried: 3298312
Total Miles Flown: 17141074
Total Aircraft: 371
Schedules SAA: 1606
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 224
Schedules Mango: 243
Schedules Kulula: 120
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 141
Total News Items: 11

Airline Notams

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Aircraft Substitutions
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