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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA30WT OAKB UOOO Chris Holmes B737-85F ZS-SJF 5.35 Hrs
SAA07WT BIKF BGSF Terence White B737-85F ZS-SJF 2 Hrs
SAA39WT VOCI FMCH Ian Carine B737-85F ZS-SJF 6.1 Hrs
SAA185 HKJK FAOR Shawn Bongers B737-85F ZS-SJE 4.2 Hrs
SAA7232A FAOR WSSS Graesen Wood B777-200 9V-SRJ 0 Hrs
SAA29WT ZUXC OAKB George Carney B737-85F ZS-SJF 4.3 Hrs
SAA20WT NZAA YMHB Marno Van Der Westhuizen B737-85F ZS-SJF 3.2 Hrs
JE420 FACT FABL Thabo Kamwendo B737-8BG ZS-SJL 1.3 Hrs
JE425 FABL FACT Thabo Kamwendo B737-8BG ZS-SJL 1.3 Hrs
JE122 FACT FAOR Thabo Kamwendo B737-8BG ZS-SJL 2.05 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA06WT EINN BIKF Terence White B737-85F ZS-SJF 2.37.09 Hrs
SAA29WT ZUXC OAKB Chris Holmes B737-85F ZS-SJF 4.29.08 Hrs
SAH022 FAOR FNLU Deon Schlebusch B747-400 ZS-SAZ 3.29.55 Hrs
SAA05WT LEMG EINN Terence White B737-85F ZS-SJF 2.51.39 Hrs
SAC6845B FALE FAPE Rory Hickson B737-200F ZS-SIF 1.27.13 Hrs
SAA184 FAOR HKJK Shawn Bongers B737-85F ZS-SJE 3.52.01 Hrs
SAA287 VHHH FAOR Graesen Wood A340-313 ZS-SXE 13.41.40 Hrs
SAA322 FACT FAOR Ian Harrison B737-85F ZS-SJD 1.39.50 Hrs
SAA352A FACT FAOR Phakamisani Thoko B737-85F ZS-SJD 2.05.20 Hrs
SAA28WT UEEE ZUXC George Carney B737-85F ZS-SJF 6.10.03 Hrs


The recent addition of Historic Flights has been met with a very positive response. For this reason we have decided to add more routes to the Historic schedule starting with the B727. Thanks to Mark Hubbard for providing the route information.

You can book these new flights Here.

Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 246
Flights SAA: 8870
Flights SA Express: 1358
Flights Airlink: 1312
Flights Mango: 916
Flights Kulula: 1259
Flights SAA Cargo: 143
Flights Historic: 153
Flights 1Time: 190
Total Flights Today: 9
Total Hours: 48738.09
Total PAX Carried: 3857858
Total Miles Flown: 18851659
Total Aircraft: 248
Schedules SAA: 495
Schedules SA Express: 203
Schedules Airlink: 172
Schedules Mango: 120
Schedules Kulula: 410
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 165
Total News Items: 13

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SAA1181 Paul Bester Engelbrecht South Africa
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SAA1179 Stephan Viljoen South Africa
SAX1178 Sam Waters Canada
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SAA0502 Ian Carine South Africa
SAA0693 George Carney South Africa
SAA1161 Chris Holmes South Africa
SAA0406 Graesen Wood South Africa
MN0692 Terence White South Africa

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