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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA333 FAOR FACT Phakamisani Thoko A340-642 ZS-SNA 2.2 Hrs
SAA03WT FPST GVAC Hentie Loots A320-232 ZS-SZZ 5.1 Hrs
SAA14WT MGGT SELT Shawn Bongers A320-232 ZS-SZZ 3 Hrs
CAW902 FAGG FAOR Lawrence McDonald B737-8LD ZS-ZWA 1 Hrs
SAA7833 LEBL EDDM Gabriel Michael A321 D-AIDB 2 Hrs
SAA303A FAOR FACT Alfred Knoetze B737-8S3 ZS-SJB 2.2 Hrs
CAW101 FAOR FACT Lee Park B737-8LD ZS-ZWB 2 Hrs
SAA35WT DTTA LTAC Rory Hickson A320-232 ZS-SZZ 2.5 Hrs
SAA058A FAOR FZAA Claude Didier TSITSIS A320-232 ZS-SZZ 4 Hrs
SAA575B FAOR FALE Wesley Blaine B737-8S3 ZS-SJA 1.2 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA7558 EDDM LFPG Johan Jacobs A320 D-AIZC 1.25.07 Hrs
SAA7575 EGCC EDDM Johan Jacobs A319 D-AIBD 1.39.48 Hrs
SAA7486 KIAD KAUS Ian Carine CRJ7 N704SK 3.05.25 Hrs
SAA7834 EDDM LEBL Gabriel Michael A321 D-AIDB 2.06.56 Hrs
CAW910 FAGG FAOR Hentie Loots B737-85P ZS-ZWR 1.39.00 Hrs
CAW910 FAGG FAOR Jaco Klopper B737-85P ZS-ZWR 1.31.47 Hrs
SAA13WT KSAN MGGT Shawn Bongers A320-232 ZS-SZZ 4.14.34 Hrs
SAA346B FACT FAOR Carette Marc A340-313 ZS-SXD 1.55.04 Hrs
MNO413B FABL FACT Hentie Loots B737-85F ZS-SJG 1.45.50 Hrs
SAA7162 FAOR OMDB Jaco Klopper B777-300 A6-EMM 7.45.46 Hrs


All the schedules have been updated. The update includes the addition of several new codeshare airlines, including JetBlue, United, Lufthansa and many more. Some new destinations in South Africa have also been added, such as Skukuza.

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Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 93
Total Flights: 11613
Flights SAA: 7481
Flights SA Express: 1013
Flights Airlink: 979
Flights Mango: 56
Flights Kulula: 93
Flights SAA Cargo: 152
Flights Historic: 174
Flights 1Time: 126
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Hours: 40742.07
Total PAX Carried: 3517571
Total Miles Flown: 15723037
Total Aircraft: 360
Schedules SAA: 953
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 220
Schedules Mango: 96
Schedules Kulula: 116
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 138
Total News Items: 12

Airline Notams

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Aerosoft Discount Codes
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Aircraft Substitutions
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