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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA7500 EDDF EDDM Gabriel Michael A319 D-AIBB 0 Hrs
SAA222B FAOR SBGR Orifha Mbedzi A332 ZS-SXV 0 Hrs
SAH0018 FAOR EGLL Nathan Deetlefs B744 ZS-SBK 11 Hrs
SAA7820 EDDH EDDM Dieter Magnet A320 D-AIZD 0 Hrs
CAW623 FAOR FALE Victor Mwape B738 ZS-ZWR 1 Hrs
SAX1765 FAOR FBSK Graesen Wood DH8D ZS-YBZ 0.9 Hrs
SAA346B FACT FAOR Marc Ettisch A346 ZS-SNE 2 Hrs
MNO272 FALE FAOR Chris Holmes B738 ZS-SJL 0 Hrs
SAA7165 OMDB FALE Chris Holmes B77W A6-EMU 0 Hrs
SAA7164 FALE OMDB Chris Holmes B77W A6-EMU 0 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
LNK8768 FAUP FAOR Pierre Castonguay RJ85 ZS-SSJ 1.31.45 Hrs
MNO267D FAOR FALE Chris Holmes B738 ZS-SJL 1.10 Hrs
SAA7635 OMAA OEJN Ian Carine B77W A6-ETA 2.47.53 Hrs
SAA323C FAOR FACT Steve Munckton A343 ZS-SXF 2.03.15 Hrs
SAA7501 EDDM EDDF Gabriel Michael A320 D-AIZA .41.34 Hrs
SAA7815 EDDM EDDH Dieter Magnet A321 D-AIDC 1.16.50 Hrs
SAA204 KJFK FAOR Chris Holmes A346 ZS-SNH 15.17 Hrs
SAA7822 EDDT EDDM Gabriel Michael A320 D-AIZB .56.49 Hrs
SAA7135 RJGG VHHH Nathan Deetlefs B738 JA51AN 4.18.58 Hrs
SAA7541 LOWW EDDM Dieter Magnet ERJ-190 D-AECA .56.00 Hrs


All the schedules have been updated. The update includes the addition of several new codeshare airlines, including JetBlue, United, Lufthansa and many more. Some new destinations in South Africa have also been added, such as Skukuza.

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Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 88
Total Flights: 12415
Flights SAA: 8165
Flights SA Express: 1037
Flights Airlink: 981
Flights Mango: 157
Flights Kulula: 282
Flights SAA Cargo: 168
Flights Historic: 190
Flights 1Time: 112
Total Flights Today: 1
Total Hours: 43854.16
Total PAX Carried: 3587922
Total Miles Flown: 17092000
Total Aircraft: 360
Schedules SAA: 1498
Schedules SA Express: 202
Schedules Airlink: 220
Schedules Mango: 243
Schedules Kulula: 120
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 138
Total News Items: 10

Airline Notams

Landing Rates
Aircraft Substitutions
Delivery Flights
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