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Scheduled Departures

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
MN493F FALA FACT Craig Wilson B737-85P ZS-ZWR 2.05 Hrs
SAA40WT FMCH FAOR Nico De Lange B737-85F ZS-SJF 3.15 Hrs
SAA39WT VOCI FMCH Nico De Lange B737-85F ZS-SJF 6.1 Hrs
SAA38WT OOMS VOCI Nico De Lange B737-85F ZS-SJF 3.25 Hrs
LNK8754 FAUT FAOR Dylan Barnes JS-41 ZS-NRE 1.8 Hrs
SAA7231 WSSS FAOR Graesen Wood B777-200 9V-SRJ 10.8 Hrs
SAA7701A YSSY FAOR Daniel Mensah B747-400 VH-OJC 14.3 Hrs
SAA7700 FAOR YSSY Daniel Mensah B747-400 VH-OJA 12 Hrs
SAA01WT FAOR FYGF Zaid Soules B737-85F ZS-SJF 1.45 Hrs
SAA023A FVHA FAOR Joao Costa A330-243 ZS-SXV 1.8 Hrs

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAA304 FACT FAOR Chris Holmes B737-85F ZS-SJC 2.08.03 Hrs
SAA37WT OIII OOMS Nico De Lange B737-85F ZS-SJF 2.16.10 Hrs
SAX1702 FYWB FAOR Ian Carine CRJ-700 ZS-NBG 1.57.24 Hrs
SAX1105 FAOR FAKM Wesley Blaine DHC-8Q-400 ZS-YBR 1.18.39 Hrs
MN516E FALE FALA Craig Wilson B737-85P ZS-ZWR .59.10 Hrs
MN503E FALA FALE Craig Wilson B737-8LD ZS-ZWB 1.01.47 Hrs
SAA21WT YMHB YPAD Nathan Deetlefs B737-85F ZS-SJF 2.15.12 Hrs
SAH023 FNLU FAOR Dieter Magnet B747-400 ZS-SAZ 3.19.00 Hrs
MN454E FACT FALA Craig Wilson B737-8LD ZS-ZWB 1.48.56 Hrs
MN702E FALE FACT Craig Wilson B737-8LD ZS-ZWB 2.03.28 Hrs


In anticipation of the schedule update, we have added the delivery flights for SAA's two new A320's, ZS-SZC and ZS-SZD, from Toulouse to Johannesburg. SAA is replacing the B738's with A320's over the next few years.

Check out the Forum for more information.

Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 234
Flights SAA: 7998
Flights SA Express: 1331
Flights Airlink: 1266
Flights Mango: 841
Flights Kulula: 1130
Flights SAA Cargo: 120
Flights Historic: 43
Flights 1Time: 190
Total Flights Today: 2
Total Hours: 44317.39
Total PAX Carried: 3075338
Total Miles Flown: 17190774
Total Aircraft: 248
Schedules SAA: 495
Schedules SA Express: 203
Schedules Airlink: 172
Schedules Mango: 48
Schedules Kulula: 410
Schedules SAA Cargo: 116
Schedules Historic: 58
Total News Items: 12

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