Use of our website

  • Whilst using our website your participation in forums and general operations are monitored and offending posts will be deleted, without notice, by authorised personnel and moderators.
  • Emailing our Operations Department

  • It is required that you identify yourself by the name that you supplied with your application and the pilot ID that was mailed to you when your application was accepted.
  • Comments of a derogatory nature, which are deemed offensive to our staff, will result in termination of your account without notice.
  • Online Conduct

  • Pilots are reminded when using online services that you are an ambassador of SAA Virtual and all the airlines represented here.
  • Pilots are requested to exercise good manners and should not engage in arguments with either other pilots or ATC over the networks.
  • Any communication received from networks about the conduct of any pilot, will result in termination of your account without notice.
  • Applications Information

  • In order to effectively communicate with pilots a valid email address is required.
  • Providing false information on the membership application is prohibited.
  • Should a pilot's identity fall into question at any time then we reserve the right to make our own checks to establish that pilot's true identity.
  • Pilots who are found to have supplied incorrect information in order to gain admission will be dismissed without notice.
  • Acceptable Forum Usage

    When logging onto the forum, you are subject to a user agreement for the forum.
    Pilots are reminded that foul and obscene language will not be tolerated in any way, and pilots urged to not engage in offensive slanging matches.
    Pilots who are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, should not post items on the forum.
    The following debates or posts are considered unacceptable:

  • Offensive language directed at staff or other pilots.
  • Pornographic links or material.
  • Advertising of other virtual airlines. This includes pilot's forum signatures and links.
  • Any debates or remarks which may offend international pilots regarding religious issues and local customs.
  • References to links for illegal software.
  • Posts that are considered as non-contributory to the general well being and morale of the members.
  • Any posts that are of a political nature.
  • Members profiles may not be used for non-flight simulation messages including jokes with sexual content or overtones.
  • We reserve the right to update or change these policies without prior notice to our pilots or users.