Aircraft Substitutions


We do understand that it is difficult to find good quality models for all the aircraft in our fleet and so we do allow aircraft substitutions. However, for the sake of realsim we must impose some rules on aircraft substitution. Here are some guidelines to use when deciding if the aircraft you wish to substitute is acceptable:


The aircraft must be able to complete the flight without needing to re-fuel. (eg. a B737 is not a suitable substitute on a 14hr flight)

The aircraft should be a realistic option for that route. (If the airline had that aircraft, would it be a reasonable choice for that route?)

The aircraft should be rated to operate out of and into the departure and arrival airports respectively. (eg. Using a B747 on an Airlink Jeatstream 41 flight into FAPM is not realistic)

Military aircraft are not permitted for substitution. (eg. you may not use a C130 on any of the routes)

Specialised aircraft such as Concorde are not suitable for substitution.

Smaller aircraft such as the Cessna 208 or Beechcraft King Air are not suitable for substitution.

Helicopters are not suitable for substitution.

Cargo specific aircraft should not be used on passenger flights.


Please bear this in mind when substituting aircraft. Should you have any questions please post them in the forum.

Posted By: Dylan Barnes

Mail Id: 13 posted on 2013-08-31 20:09:38
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