Landing Rates

The amended landing rates have been in effect since November 2013 and a review was to be conducted based on feedback received.

As mixed feedback has been received from our pilots, the moderators have decided to review developments based on the PIREPS submitted since November.

The "3 hard landings in the 500-700fpm zone" concession has been time consuming to administer as a manual admin log has to kept every time a pilot has submitted a PIREP with a landing rate in this 500-700fpm zone.

On each occasion, a comment has been sent to the pilot informing them that a hard landing has been logged and that they have 2 left or that this was their third and final hard landing and that anything >500fpm submitted again would be rejected. This was done to avoid any accusation that "no one told them" or that "they knew nothing about it".

For these pilots, any further landing >500fpm became the threshold for automatic rejection.

Approximately 750 PIREPS have been submitted since November. From these, the following statistics can be extracted to give an idea of the admin work involved in keeping track of the landing rates:

58 hard landings >500fpm from 31 pilots.

Of these landings, 15 were >700fpm, 4 were >1000fpm and 1 was > 2000fpm. All of these were automatically rejected.

Of the 31 pilots, 5 pilots have destroyed their full allocation of 3 planes (therefore any further landing >500fpm is an automatic REJECT) and;

Of these 5 pilots, 4 have submitted additional PIREPS with landing rates >500fpm.

Therefore, it has been decided that with effect from 1 February 2014:

1. The 3 hard landings in the 500-700fpm zone concession per pilot will be abolished, and;

2. Any PIREP with a landing rate >500fpm shall be automatically rejected without further consideration.

As before, these can be reviewed based on feedback from our Pilots.

Posted By: Ian Carine

Mail Id: 18 posted on 2014-01-27 18:08:01
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