Flight SAA7231

  • Submitted By: Abraham Bhekisintu Zulu
  • Departure Airport: Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)
  • Arrival Airport: O.R. Tambo International Airport (FAOR)
  • Aircraft: B777-212ER (9V-SRJ)
  • Flight Time: 13.27.38
  • Date Submitted: 20/09/2014
  • Status: Rejected
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(432 load / R 5,000.00 per unit
R 2,160,000.00
Fuel Cost:
(87306.6 fuel used @ 7.5 / unit)
R 654,799.50

Additional Log Information:

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FS-[01:20] - Project Opensky -- Boeing 777-200LR Singapore Air Lines
FS-[01:20] - Flight SAA7231 is ready to depart WSSS with a final destination of FAOR.
FS-[01:20] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[01:20] - Beacon Light ON
FS-[01:20] - Boarding
FS-[01:20] - COM1 - 121.65
FS-[01:20] - COM2 - 127.80
FS-[01:20] - Transponder - 1200
FS-[01:21] - Transponder - 0622
FS-[01:22] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[01:22] - Pushing Back from the gate
FS-[01:23] - Engine 1 Started
FS-[01:23] - Engine 2 Started
FS-[01:24] - COM1 - 128.60
FS-[01:25] - Flaps to position 3
FS-[01:25] - Taxiing to Runway
FS-[01:26] - COM1 - 121.72
FS-[01:26] - Navigation Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Landing Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Taxi Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Strobe Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Instrument Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Recognition Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Wing Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Logo Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Cabin Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[01:26] - Taking Off with 432 passengers on board
FS-[01:29] - COM1 - 118.25
FS-[01:29] - Taxi Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[01:30] - Take off at 182kts, with a pitch of 6deg and 113379kgs of fuel on board
FS-[01:30] - Wind Heading 305 | Wind Speed 7kts | Temperature 24 deg C
FS-[01:30] - Flaps to position 2 at 115ft and 209kts
FS-[01:30] - AutoPilot Engaged at 341AGL
FS-[01:30] - Climbing to TOC
FS-[01:31] - Gear up at 987AGL
FS-[01:31] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 1240AGL
FS-[01:31] - AutoPilot Engaged at 1204AGL
FS-[01:31] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 984AGL
FS-[01:31] - AutoPilot Engaged at 912AGL
FS-[01:32] - COM1 - 120.30
FS-[01:33] - Flaps to position 3 at 2343ft and 212kts
FS-[01:33] - Flaps to position 2 at 2805ft and 207kts
FS-[01:34] - Flaps to position 1 at 4291ft and 235kts
FS-[01:34] - Flaps to position 0 at 4606ft and 241kts
FS-[01:37] - COM1 - 130.20
FS-[01:38] - Landing Lights OFF 10610AGL
FS-[01:49] - TOC reached
FS-[01:49] - Cruise started
FS-[02:22] - Stall! 313kts, 38238AGL
FS-[02:23] - TOD reached
FS-[02:23] - Descending to destination
FS-[02:23] - Stall Recovered! 391kts, 31142AGL
FS-[02:27] - Stall! 286kts, 34203AGL
FS-[02:27] - Stall Recovered! 371kts, 27316AGL
FS-[02:33] - Stall! 274kts, 32339AGL
FS-[02:33] - Stall Recovered! 360kts, 25958AGL
FS-[02:40] - Stall! 268kts, 31342AGL
FS-[02:41] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 25135AGL
FS-[02:48] - Stall! 266kts, 30971AGL
FS-[02:49] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 24806AGL
FS-[02:56] - Stall! 266kts, 30850AGL
FS-[02:57] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 24744AGL
FS-[03:04] - Stall! 266kts, 30758AGL
FS-[03:05] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 24685AGL
FS-[03:13] - Stall! 266kts, 30883AGL
FS-[03:13] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 24797AGL
FS-[03:21] - Stall! 266kts, 30935AGL
FS-[03:22] - Stall Recovered! 344kts, 25095AGL
FS-[03:29] - Stall! 266kts, 30928AGL
FS-[03:30] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 24839AGL
FS-[03:37] - Stall! 264kts, 31010AGL
FS-[03:38] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 24902AGL
FS-[03:46] - Stall! 266kts, 31125AGL
FS-[03:46] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 24993AGL
FS-[03:54] - Stall! 264kts, 31155AGL
FS-[03:55] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25013AGL
FS-[04:02] - Stall! 264kts, 31273AGL
FS-[04:03] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25121AGL
FS-[04:10] - Stall! 264kts, 31283AGL
FS-[04:11] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25131AGL
FS-[04:19] - Stall! 264kts, 31388AGL
FS-[04:20] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25217AGL
FS-[04:27] - Stall! 262kts, 31404AGL
FS-[04:28] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25230AGL
FS-[04:35] - Stall! 264kts, 31434AGL
FS-[04:36] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25262AGL
FS-[04:43] - Stall! 264kts, 31539AGL
FS-[04:44] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25344AGL
FS-[04:52] - Stall! 264kts, 31693AGL
FS-[04:53] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 25469AGL
FS-[05:00] - Stall! 264kts, 31719AGL
FS-[05:01] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25499AGL
FS-[05:08] - Stall! 264kts, 31765AGL
FS-[05:09] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25531AGL
FS-[05:17] - Stall! 264kts, 31834AGL
FS-[05:17] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25594AGL
FS-[05:25] - Stall! 264kts, 32014AGL
FS-[05:26] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 25741AGL
FS-[05:33] - Stall! 264kts, 32008AGL
FS-[05:34] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25735AGL
FS-[05:42] - Stall! 262kts, 32044AGL
FS-[05:42] - Stall Recovered! 356kts, 25686AGL
FS-[05:50] - Stall! 264kts, 32192AGL
FS-[05:51] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 25889AGL
FS-[05:58] - Stall! 262kts, 32224AGL
FS-[05:59] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25928AGL
FS-[06:07] - Stall! 262kts, 32254AGL
FS-[06:07] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25938AGL
FS-[06:15] - Stall! 262kts, 32277AGL
FS-[06:16] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 25978AGL
FS-[06:23] - Stall! 255kts, 31975AGL
FS-[06:24] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26076AGL
FS-[06:32] - Stall! 262kts, 32503AGL
FS-[06:32] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26171AGL
FS-[06:40] - Stall! 262kts, 32526AGL
FS-[06:41] - Stall Recovered! 354kts, 26132AGL
FS-[06:48] - Stall! 262kts, 32602AGL
FS-[06:49] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26253AGL
FS-[06:57] - Stall! 262kts, 32707AGL
FS-[06:57] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26342AGL
FS-[07:05] - Stall! 262kts, 32717AGL
FS-[07:05] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26345AGL
FS-[07:13] - Stall! 262kts, 32900AGL
FS-[07:14] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26499AGL
FS-[07:22] - Stall! 262kts, 32913AGL
FS-[07:22] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26503AGL
FS-[07:30] - Stall! 262kts, 33100AGL
FS-[07:31] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 26663AGL
FS-[07:39] - Stall! 262kts, 33199AGL
FS-[07:39] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 26745AGL
FS-[07:47] - Stall! 262kts, 33284AGL
FS-[07:48] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 26814AGL
FS-[07:55] - Stall! 262kts, 33287AGL
FS-[07:56] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26824AGL
FS-[08:04] - Stall! 260kts, 33346AGL
FS-[08:05] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26880AGL
FS-[08:12] - Stall! 260kts, 33425AGL
FS-[08:13] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26942AGL
FS-[08:21] - Stall! 260kts, 33474AGL
FS-[08:21] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 26985AGL
FS-[08:29] - Stall! 260kts, 33543AGL
FS-[08:30] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27044AGL
FS-[08:38] - Stall! 260kts, 33661AGL
FS-[08:38] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27142AGL
FS-[08:46] - Stall! 260kts, 33763AGL
FS-[08:47] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27234AGL
FS-[08:55] - Stall! 255kts, 33576AGL
FS-[08:55] - Stall Recovered! 352kts, 27257AGL
FS-[09:03] - Stall! 260kts, 33730AGL
FS-[09:04] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27205AGL
FS-[09:11] - Stall! 260kts, 33930AGL
FS-[09:12] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27372AGL
FS-[09:20] - Stall! 260kts, 33924AGL
FS-[09:20] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27372AGL
FS-[09:28] - Stall! 259kts, 33976AGL
FS-[09:30] - Stall Recovered! 311kts, 29770AGL
FS-[09:37] - Stall! 260kts, 34134AGL
FS-[09:38] - Stall Recovered! 311kts, 29567AGL
FS-[09:45] - Stall! 260kts, 34291AGL
FS-[09:46] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27680AGL
FS-[09:54] - Stall! 260kts, 34396AGL
FS-[09:55] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27759AGL
FS-[10:02] - Stall! 259kts, 34416AGL
FS-[10:03] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27785AGL
FS-[10:11] - Stall! 259kts, 34475AGL
FS-[10:12] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27822AGL
FS-[10:19] - Stall! 259kts, 34567AGL
FS-[10:20] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27900AGL
FS-[10:28] - Stall! 259kts, 34596AGL
FS-[10:29] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 27930AGL
FS-[10:36] - Stall! 259kts, 34672AGL
FS-[10:37] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 28009AGL
FS-[10:45] - Stall! 259kts, 34777AGL
FS-[10:46] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 28100AGL
FS-[10:54] - Stall! 259kts, 34826AGL
FS-[10:54] - Stall Recovered! 350kts, 28120AGL
FS-[10:59] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 33054AGL
FS-[11:00] - AutoPilot Engaged at 32152AGL
FS-[11:08] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 38258AGL
FS-[11:09] - AutoPilot Engaged at 40935AGL
FS-[11:09] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 41572AGL
FS-[11:09] - AutoPilot Engaged at 40886AGL
FS-[13:25] - COM1 - 126.10
FS-[14:08] - COM1 - 118.50
FS-[14:29] - Cabin Lights OFF 15364AGL
FS-[14:29] - Cabin Lights ON 15400AGL
FS-[14:29] - Cabin Lights OFF 15404AGL
FS-[14:33] - Instrument Lights OFF 7257AGL
FS-[14:34] - Flaps to position 1 at 11476ft and 309kts
FS-[14:35] - Landing Shortly
FS-[14:37] - Flaps to position 2 at 8222ft and 268kts
FS-[14:39] - Landing Lights ON 2923AGL
FS-[14:41] - COM1 - 118.60
FS-[14:41] - Gear down at 2681AGL
FS-[14:41] - Flaps to position 3 at 8209ft and 244kts
FS-[14:45] - Flaps to position 4 at 8189ft and 176kts
FS-[14:46] - Flaps to position 6 at 7077ft and 173kts
FS-[14:47] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 630AGL
FS-[14:48] - Landed at -236fpm. With 28321kgs of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 4deg.
FS-[14:48] - Wind Heading 291 | Wind Speed 8kts | Temperature 0 deg C
FS-[14:49] - Taxiing to Gate
FS-[14:50] - COM1 - 121.90
FS-[14:50] - Taxi Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[14:50] - Flaps to position 0
FS-[14:51] - Instrument Lights ON 16AGL
FS-[14:51] - Instrument Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:58] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[14:58] - Arrived safely at FAOR. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
FS-[14:58] - Engine 1 Stopped
FS-[14:58] - Engine 2 Stopped
FS-[14:59] - Navigation Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Beacon Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Landing Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Taxi Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Strobe Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Recognition Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Wing Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Logo Lights OFF 16AGL
FS-[14:59] - Project Opensky -- Boeing 777-200LR Singapore Air Lines
FS-[14:59] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS-[14:59] - ver


Commenter Comment
Ian Carine Sorry but this is a reject. Your plane was continually stalling for 8 hours on autopilot during which time it descended from its cruising altitude. We all put the plane on autopilot on a long flight and leave it unattended but you should ensure that your plane is cruising safely before doing so. It looks like to your forgot to switch over to MACH number speed control when passing 28000ft. An M0.82 cruise should give something like 470kts ground speed on the GPS at 36000ft. Regards, Ian
Abraham Bhekisintu Zulu I think the rejection of the PIREP is not justified. The PIREP is the true reflection of the flight. There was a problem enroute on the flight and the problem was successfully corrected before the aircraft landed. That should give credit to the pilot. The assumption about the root cause of the problem is not correct. I believe a little investigation involving the pilot would have shed a light as to the real cause of the problem. The problem was cause by the joystic which got stuck in a little bit down pitch position, of which it is something that occured after an hour or so after the cruise altitude and the cruise speed were reached. The autopilot was trying to correct this all the time you see the stall, stall recovered pattern. When that problem was discovered it was corrected successfully and the aircraft landed safely.

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