Flight SAA237C

  • Submitted By: Chris Holmes
  • Departure Airport: Heathrow (EGLL)
  • Arrival Airport: O.R. Tambo International Airport (FAOR)
  • Aircraft: A330-243 (ZS-SXU)
  • Flight Time: 12
  • Date Submitted: 23/05/2016
  • Route: MID L612 BOGNA UL612 RESMI UN857 DIRMO UN855 OLRAK UZ131 FJR UM731 DIVKO/N0471F320 UM989 BALEN/N0472F330 UM998 TIDOU/N0480F350 UM998 USMAK/N0479F370 UM998 MNV UT941 RUDAS UQ25 ITROL/N0456F360 UQ44 AVAGO AVAGO1C
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(180 load / R 5,500.00 per unit
R 990,000.00
Fuel Cost:
(67000 fuel used @ 7.5 / unit)
R 502,500.00


Commenter Comment
Chris Holmes Flight route as per reservation confirmation. Manual PIREP as we had a power failure after arrival. Proof of event sent to moderators. VATSIM recorded flight information: +VFPS+PBN/A1B1D1S2T1 DOF/160522 REG/ZKOKD EET/LFFF0018 DAAA0154 DRRR0404 FTTT0438 DNKK0511 FTTT0533 FCCC0553 FZZA0704 FNAN0744 FZZA0750 FYWH0914 FBGR0916 FAJA1013 OPR/SAA RMK/TCAS SIMBRIEF WWW.SAAVIRTUAL.ORG /v/ Permission obtained from mr D Magnet to break tour schedule to take part and represent SAA Virtual in the Heathrow Real Ops event. Flight planning via SimBrief. Cruising altutude was at FL310, but obtained clearance to cruise at FL370.

Route Map