Flight SAX1002A

  • Submitted By: Deon Schlebusch
  • Departure Airport: Bloemfontein (FABL)
  • Arrival Airport: O.R. Tambo International Airport (FAOR)
  • Aircraft: DHC-8 402 (ZS-YBZ)
  • Flight Time: 01.11
  • Date Submitted: 24/04/2017
  • Status: Rejected
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(72 load / R 1,250.00 per unit
R 90,000.00
Fuel Cost:
(1651 fuel used @ 7.5 / unit)
R 12,382.50

Additional Log Information:

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smartCARS version, 2017/4/24 UTC
[09:36:37] Preflight started, flying offline
[09:36:38] Flying dh8-400 SAA 1
[09:37:53] Pushing back with 1275 kg of fuel
[09:38:17] Engine 1 is on
[09:38:26] Engine 2 is on
[09:38:54] Taxiing to runway
[09:40:55] Flaps set to position 1
[09:41:04] Flaps set to position 2
[09:42:30] Taking off
[09:42:42] Climbing, pitch: 7, roll: 1 degrees right, 184 kts
[09:42:43] Gear lever raised at 32 ft at 184 kts
[09:44:39] Flaps set to position 1 at 3883 ft at 195 kts
[09:44:44] Flaps set to position 0 at 3981 ft at 196 kts
[09:46:42] Sim paused
[09:55:54] Sim unpaused
[10:01:02] Cruising at 23000ft, pitch: 2, 394 kts
[10:01:17] Sim paused
[11:19:52] Sim unpaused
[11:31:59] Descending
[11:39:30] Approaching
[11:44:11] Final approach, 244 kts
[11:47:35] Go around conditions met
[11:47:37] Standard final approach conditions met
[12:15:53] Flaps set to position 1 at 2909 ft at 199 kts
[12:16:22] Flaps set to position 2 at 2626 ft at 183 kts
[12:18:58] Gear lever lowered at 1965 ft at 175 kts
[12:19:58] Flaps set to position 3 at 1936 ft at 173 kts
[12:21:54] Touched down at -283 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 6, roll: level, 149 kts
[12:22:26] Landed in 4549 ft, fuel: 530 kg, weight: 20477 kg
[12:22:26] Taxiing to gate
[12:23:08] Flaps set to position 0
[12:24:43] The flight may now be ended
[12:24:44] Arrived, flight duration: 01:11
[12:25:49] Engine 1 is off
[12:25:50] Engine 2 is off


Commenter Comment
Dieter Magnet I'm not sure what happened on this approach?
Deon Schlebusch Hi Dieter, I don't know why did SmartCARS not direct me to the runway, it took me over the airport and then I notice that it was not routing me back so I had to manually turn around and come back for landing.
Dieter Magnet Hi Deon, that is a rookie mistake (not knowing where the runway is) and not something we expect from a Senior Flight Captain. Also I can't understand how you were initially on approach for Rwy 3L and then landed on Rwy 21L. I think you'll have to redo this flight.
Deon Schlebusch Dieter, I did not once say I don't know where the runway was, that is a scary statement to make!!! My mistake not SmartCARS but fsx was taking me over the airport, don't know how you know the approach is RWY 3L because my FSX did not direct me to that runway. As I flew over the airport leaving FSX to direct me, and as I mentioned I then realized that FSX is not going for a runway but I was just flying, I then turned around and went for RWY 21L with FSX still not directing me to a runway but complaining me descending for an approach!!!

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