Flight SAA9002

  • Submitted By: Steve Munckton
  • Departure Airport: Heathrow (EGLL)
  • Arrival Airport: Cape Town International Airport (FACT)
  • Aircraft: B747-444 (ZS-SAZ)
  • Flight Time: 11.42.34
  • Date Submitted: 10/03/2013
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(397 load / R 6,000.00 per unit
R 2,382,000.00
Fuel Cost:
(102924 fuel used @ 7.5 / unit)
R 771,930.00

Additional Log Information:

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FS-[19:15] - 747-400 South African
FS-[19:15] - Flight SAA9002 is ready to depart EGLL with a final destination of FACT.
FS-[19:15] - Simulator Paused
FS-[19:15] - Recognition Lights ON
FS-[19:15] - Simulator Un-Paused
FS-[19:15] - Boarding
FS-[19:17] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[19:21] - Navigation Lights ON 13AGL
FS-[19:21] - Recognition Lights OFF 13AGL
FS-[19:21] - Logo Lights ON 13AGL
FS-[19:31] - Simulator Paused
FS-[19:31] - Simulator Un-Paused
FS-[19:44] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[19:46] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[19:46] - Pushing Back from the gate
FS-[19:48] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[19:49] - Engine 1 Started
FS-[19:49] - Engine 3 Started
FS-[19:50] - Engine 2 Started
FS-[19:50] - Engine 4 Started
FS-[19:51] - Wing Lights ON 13AGL
FS-[19:51] - Taxi Lights ON 13AGL
FS-[19:52] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[19:53] - Taxiing to Runway
FS-[19:53] - Beacon Light ON 13AGL
FS-[19:57] - Beacon Lights OFF 13AGL
FS-[19:57] - Flaps to position 1
FS-[19:57] - Flaps to position 2
FS-[19:58] - Flaps to position 3
FS-[19:59] - Flaps to position 4
FS-[20:00] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[20:01] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[20:01] - Taking Off with 397 passengers on board
FS-[20:01] - Take off at 177kts, with a pitch of 5deg and 122042kgs of fuel on board
FS-[20:01] - Wind Heading 229 | Wind Speed 7kts | Temperature 11 deg C
FS-[20:02] - Climbing to TOC
FS-[20:02] - Flaps to position 3 at 669ft and 180kts
FS-[20:02] - Gear up at 1748AGL
FS-[20:02] - Flaps to position 2 at 2375ft and 196kts
FS-[20:02] - Beacon Light ON 2563AGL
FS-[20:02] - Flaps to position 1 at 2897ft and 213kts
FS-[20:02] - Beacon Lights OFF 2867AGL
FS-[20:03] - Beacon Light ON 3635AGL
FS-[20:03] - Landing Lights ON 3635AGL
FS-[20:03] - Strobe Lights ON 3635AGL
FS-[20:03] - Beacon Lights OFF 3966AGL
FS-[20:03] - Flaps to position 0 at 4206ft and 270kts
FS-[20:03] - Beacon Light ON 4196AGL
FS-[20:04] - Beacon Lights OFF 5840AGL
FS-[20:05] - Landing Lights OFF 10288AGL
FS-[20:05] - Taxi Lights OFF 10292AGL
FS-[20:08] - Beacon Light ON 16699AGL
FS-[20:09] - Beacon Lights OFF 20328AGL
FS-[20:13] - Beacon Light ON 28648AGL
FS-[20:14] - Beacon Lights OFF 29646AGL
FS-[20:14] - Beacon Light ON 30804AGL
FS-[20:15] - Beacon Lights OFF 31161AGL
FS-[20:15] - Beacon Light ON 31375AGL
FS-[20:15] - Beacon Lights OFF 31404AGL
FS-[20:15] - Beacon Light ON 32178AGL
FS-[20:16] - Beacon Lights OFF 33281AGL
FS-[20:17] - Beacon Light ON 34793AGL
FS-[20:18] - Beacon Lights OFF 34987AGL
FS-[20:19] - TOC reached
FS-[20:19] - Cruise started
FS-[20:23] - Beacon Light ON 36204AGL
FS-[20:24] - Beacon Lights OFF 36185AGL
FS-[20:37] - Beacon Light ON 36408AGL
FS-[20:37] - Beacon Lights OFF 36382AGL
FS-[21:19] - Beacon Light ON 33622AGL
FS-[21:20] - Beacon Lights OFF 32937AGL
FS-[21:22] - Beacon Light ON 34498AGL
FS-[21:22] - Beacon Lights OFF 34504AGL
FS-[21:24] - Beacon Light ON 34685AGL
FS-[21:24] - Beacon Lights OFF 34540AGL
FS-[21:25] - Beacon Light ON 36223AGL
FS-[21:26] - Beacon Lights OFF 35620AGL
FS-[22:46] - Beacon Light ON 35187AGL
FS-[22:46] - Beacon Lights OFF 35194AGL
FS-[23:23] - Beacon Light ON 33828AGL
FS-[23:23] - Beacon Lights OFF 33943AGL
FS-[23:24] - Beacon Light ON 34357AGL
FS-[23:24] - Beacon Lights OFF 34353AGL
FS-[00:26] - Beacon Light ON 35239AGL
FS-[00:27] - Beacon Lights OFF 35393AGL
FS-[01:31] - Beacon Light ON 36348AGL
FS-[01:32] - Beacon Lights OFF 36043AGL
FS-[02:02] - Beacon Light ON 36191AGL
FS-[02:02] - Beacon Lights OFF 36090AGL
FS-[02:29] - Beacon Light ON 36535AGL
FS-[02:29] - Beacon Lights OFF 36492AGL
FS-[02:29] - Beacon Light ON 35554AGL
FS-[02:30] - Beacon Lights OFF 35571AGL
FS-[02:33] - Beacon Light ON 35433AGL
FS-[02:34] - Beacon Lights OFF 35275AGL
FS-[02:53] - Beacon Light ON 36873AGL
FS-[02:54] - Beacon Lights OFF 36873AGL
FS-[03:16] - Beacon Light ON 36877AGL
FS-[03:17] - Beacon Lights OFF 36873AGL
FS-[03:45] - Beacon Light ON 36351AGL
FS-[03:46] - Beacon Lights OFF 36233AGL
FS-[04:08] - Beacon Light ON 32867AGL
FS-[04:09] - Beacon Lights OFF 32752AGL
FS-[04:44] - Beacon Light ON 32468AGL
FS-[04:45] - Beacon Lights OFF 32306AGL
FS-[04:47] - Beacon Light ON 31782AGL
FS-[04:49] - Beacon Lights OFF 31582AGL
FS-[04:55] - Beacon Light ON 32044AGL
FS-[04:56] - Beacon Lights OFF 31985AGL
FS-[05:01] - Beacon Light ON 31299AGL
FS-[05:02] - Beacon Lights OFF 31185AGL
FS-[05:18] - Beacon Light ON 33277AGL
FS-[05:20] - Beacon Lights OFF 33416AGL
FS-[05:24] - Beacon Light ON 33819AGL
FS-[05:25] - Beacon Lights OFF 33783AGL
FS-[05:41] - Beacon Light ON 34262AGL
FS-[05:42] - Beacon Lights OFF 34836AGL
FS-[05:43] - Beacon Light ON 35568AGL
FS-[05:44] - Beacon Lights OFF 34262AGL
FS-[05:44] - Beacon Light ON 34534AGL
FS-[05:45] - Beacon Lights OFF 34179AGL
FS-[05:46] - Beacon Light ON 33941AGL
FS-[05:47] - Beacon Lights OFF 33566AGL
FS-[05:48] - Beacon Light ON 33350AGL
FS-[05:48] - Beacon Lights OFF 33438AGL
FS-[05:59] - Beacon Light ON 36368AGL
FS-[06:00] - Beacon Lights OFF 36630AGL
FS-[06:03] - TOD reached
FS-[06:03] - Descending to destination
FS-[06:06] - Beacon Light ON 27388AGL
FS-[06:08] - Beacon Lights OFF 23776AGL
FS-[06:08] - Beacon Light ON 21765AGL
FS-[06:10] - Beacon Lights OFF 18133AGL
FS-[06:13] - Landing Lights ON 11499AGL
FS-[06:13] - Taxi Lights ON 11463AGL
FS-[06:13] - Beacon Light ON 11388AGL
FS-[06:13] - Beacon Lights OFF 11273AGL
FS-[06:17] - Flaps to position 1 at 7605ft and 244kts
FS-[06:18] - Landing Shortly
FS-[06:19] - Gear down at 3887AGL
FS-[06:19] - Beacon Light ON 3763AGL
FS-[06:19] - Beacon Lights OFF 3721AGL
FS-[06:19] - Flaps to position 0 at 3684ft and 256kts
FS-[06:19] - Flaps to position 1 at 3661ft and 255kts
FS-[06:19] - Flaps to position 2 at 3645ft and 253kts
FS-[06:19] - Flaps to position 3 at 3159ft and 223kts
FS-[06:20] - Flaps to position 4 at 2667ft and 191kts
FS-[06:20] - Flaps to position 5 at 2356ft and 160kts
FS-[06:23] - Landed at -312fpm. With 21130kgs of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 3deg.
FS-[06:23] - Wind Heading 247 | Wind Speed 7kts | Temperature 11 deg C
FS-[06:23] - Beacon Light ON 10AGL
FS-[06:23] - Taxiing to Gate
FS-[06:23] - Beacon Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:23] - Beacon Light ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Beacon Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Simulator Paused
FS-[06:24] - Navigation Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Landing Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Taxi Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Strobe Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Wing Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Logo Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Simulator Un-Paused
FS-[06:24] - Navigation Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Landing Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Taxi Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Strobe Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Wing Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Logo Lights ON 10AGL
FS-[06:24] - Flaps to position 6
FS-[06:24] - Flaps to position 5
FS-[06:24] - Flaps to position 4
FS-[06:24] - Flaps to position 3
FS-[06:24] - Flaps to position 2
FS-[06:25] - Flaps to position 1
FS-[06:26] - Beacon Light ON 10AGL
FS-[06:26] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[06:26] - Arrived safely at FACT. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
FS-[06:27] - Beacon Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Landing Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Engine 1 Stopped
FS-[06:27] - Engine 3 Stopped
FS-[06:27] - Engine 4 Stopped
FS-[06:27] - Engine 2 Stopped
FS-[06:27] - Navigation Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Taxi Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Strobe Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Wing Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:27] - Logo Lights OFF 10AGL
FS-[06:29] - Simulator Paused
FS-[06:29] - 747-400 South African
FS-[06:29] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS-[06:29] - ver

Route Map